Check Spelling in a foreign language creating lag while typing


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Mar 4, 2014

It's something I've notice for long in some versions of macOS and in Catalina seems to be sometimes a little bit stronger than in the previos ones.

I like the check spelling while typing feature. I have all my gadgets in English and I write a lot in English but it's not my native language although it's my first language now. So check spelling is appreciate, specially sometimes while I'm in a hurry. Also, I have now some language attrition and sometimes it's hard to write in my native language. I make some orthographical typos, so I love it also when I'm writing in Spanish.

However, I've notice that sometimes the check spelling function is making my writing laggist, specially if I'm writing in Spanish. Does anyone else has experience this behavior? Like, have you experience that writing in a language that isn't the main system language is making the check spelling to be slower.

Sometimes, closing and opening the app (Safari or Mail) helps, but sometimes not.

In English I haven't experience this in general.