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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by reptiledude4, Sep 12, 2009.

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    This often happens on eBay. People get caught up in the bidding. I had one guy tell me he bought the cheapest one on eBay, of course he quickly ignored my asking him if he ever heard of buying somewhere other than eBay to get better pricing.

    What happens on auctions is low value items that appear the same as high value items get way more money. A lot of people have no idea that Apple changes the MBA, the difference between SSD and HDD, a 2.13 or 1.86 is all they see - sometimes not even that.

    Someone who doesn't know anything will see an SSD model top of the line brand new sell for $100 more than they can bid on the lower model, not realize the differences, and pay way more than they would even brand new from a discount electronics chain.

    It's really sad!
  3. Gadgetman99 macrumors regular

    Sep 1, 2009
    I was one of those idiots when I paid $740 (after $85 Bing cash back) for a used 1.6 Rev A on ebay. I was new to mac and did not know the difference between the air models (and did not know about the hinge issue), but was thrilled to get an MBA for less then $1000. But once I found out about all this, I quickly get a new rev B at Best Buy for $840 (and possibly less if the price drops by next weekend and I get a refund on the difference), and sold the Rev A on ebay for slightly more then I paid. So I am not as much of an idiot now (but if anyone still considers me an idiot for getting a 1.6 CPU, then at least I am a happy idiot because I got rid of a netbook and Dell XT convertible and now have everything on one portable unit with decent battery life, outrageous screen, larger HD, faster OS and CPU, stylish, unique unit and lovein it!).
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    this is interesting. i have a Rev C HDD model and I had to buy it through best buy because that is all I had credit with. Do you think I could sell it for around $1400 and buy a Refurbished B SSD?
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    this is probably just a bogus ebay sale. Someone comes into the bidding with zero feedback (and he is no longer a registered user) at the final hour and was willing to bid high. The seller wasn't happy and had a friend (or another of his own account) outbid the rogue bidder and tripled the closing price. When I was a novice seller and faced bidders like these, I had to resort to bogus transactions like these to avoid selling it.
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    Look at the actual auction details. It says 2.13 w/ SSD in the deets. yes it's still WAY TOO HIGH but it's not the 1.6 as detailed there.
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    Oh the joys of eBay. Sometimes people think just because it is on eBay that it is cheaper than the stores: not true.

    Some how people need to make money.

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