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    After reading about a few cases of damaged iPads and experiencing the same myself, I decided to put this out there because it was hard for me to find information...

    Well, I bought my iPad at best buy and I noticed after opening the box that my bezel was damage and the glass edges where chipped... I took it to the apple store and told they specifcally that i was not trying to return/exhcange but wanted warranty support. They agreed and even pointed out more damage than i found... This was out of the box damaged... So they are going to do a warranty exchange. They told me that when they receive stock to sell, they also receive stock for just this purpose. Since it is new, I will not be getting a refurb, but a new ipad :D and getting it repaired is currently out of the question. I will have my replacement in the next few days.

    I advise you to call apple or go to the apple store... DONT WAIT ANY LONGER! The more time you give them, the more it looks like you did it yourself, unless you can prove your time of ownership, time reporting it, and such... I waited past the weekend trying to let it go and accept that nothing is perfect. After a few people noticed it, I immediately called the apple store for an appointment. They made it for the next day.

    Even though I bought it from Best Buy, I knew not to take it back to them. They were not going to have stock and then they would accuse me of the damage. I noticed it the first day, but after standing in line (#3) I was too tired that evening and slept in the next day. I did not do a full examination until Sunday night. I wasted time as I was trying to accept it and not be so anal like I usually am.

    If you purchased it from another retailer... Good luck explaining to them as they will prob not do a thing about it. I read one case where this person was told bye the Apple Store to go back to Best Buy. This is why you contact apple for WARRANTY SUPPORT. This a manufacturer defect, not a return, exchange, or any other service.

    Good Luck to anyone with similar issues. Attached are a couple of pictures.
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    You can be happy that it wasn't a hp tablet. :D they had charged you again for a new tablet but had given you a refurb.
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    It's minor cosmetic damage. I have major OCD when it comes to stuff like that, so I feel you. Shoot, even my coworkers were making fun of me because I said I had backlight bleeding and all they kept sayin was "you find anything else wrong with it? you gonna sell it now?"

    Basically if YOU aren't happy with it, exchange or return. I'm happy with the product just not happy with the workmanship on some. I, myself, have had to exchange 2 different iPads to get one with MINIMAL light bleeding. To each their own.
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    LoL, I know some of it is minor. I kept telling myself that some have it even worse, dead pixs, light bleeding, etc, mine was perfect except for the bezel/screen. Some areas looked like it was bumped against something. Most of it looks like they had a hard time attaching the screen. There are a lot of pry marks on each side of the device. I even told myself that they are rushed to put it out, that the design is so tight that pry marks are common. Most you can see, but some you just feel. The screen edge is raised and cracked on the edge.

    Bottom line, as much as I would hate it, I would rather damage my stuff. Not the manufactor or anyone else... Easier to get over then
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    I lucked out and got one with 0 issues, but after reading about the backlight problems., ect... I would agree with you 100% to open it and check for issues before leaving the store!

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