Checking all files inside folder A are also inside folder B ? (ignoring subfolder structure)

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    I have an external drive with all my photos on. I copied them all to a second drive and re arranged them into a better folder structure. However, before I delete the original drive and use the new as my master copy I want to make sure every picture in the original drive has a match in the new drive.

    Any idea of software to do this?

    I need to be very sure as this is literally every picture I have since birth.

    Many thanks

    (I have tried importing the new drive to lightroom and then bringing up the import dialogue for the original drive, where don't import duplicates is selected. However, I am not entirely sure this method is foolproof so I need another way to double check).
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    i like gemini for this, but any dupe checker will do it
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    Sep 11, 2008
    Duplicate checkers find files which have a match. I need exactly the opposite, for it to show the files which don't have a match.

    Can Gemini 2 or any others display those which don't have a match ?
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    I have tens of thousands of images, so I know the feeling.

    Consider either not erasing the original drive at all, or picking up another external, cloning the original to it, putting it in a safe place, and only then erasing the original. If your rearrangement didn't miss any pictures, then then you have a useful backup anyway. If, later, you find that you did miss some, then you can go get them.

    Yeah, this is kind of kicking the can down the road. But if you're talking about a lifetime's worth of pictures, wouldn't more backups be better? Disks are cheap.
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    If you copied them all, why are you so worried that rearranging them added more?
    Can't you get an overall count of files on both the source and target? If the number matches, then you're good. But you could then use a duplicate finder to confirm that the count is showing you one of each file.
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