Checking POP email on Iphone disables my MacPro email? (exclamation points)

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    Just set up new 3G iphone and have set it up to receive and send email from two accounts, I believe both are POP (one of which is a .ca.rr Road Runner account; other hosted on Bluhost). The iPhone is receiving and sending email from these accounts just fine. However, if I recently accessed mail on my Iphone, and I happen to be at my MacPro computer and my Mail application is open at the same time, and I go to check mail on the MacPro.... exclamation points will appear next to my Road Runner account (as if it cannot connect to that account/been disconnected to it). I either need to (A) wait a few minutes from after my phone has accessed the account, or (B) I need to shut my phone off for the exclamation points to go away and I can check mail again on the Mac. My other email account (the Bluhost one) seems unaffected and never loses connection.

    Generally, if I am at my Macpro, I do not need to be checking email on my iphone, but I don't want to have to shut my phone off when I am using my Macpro at home. In summary, checking email on my iphone is temporarily disconnecting my ability to check the same email account from my Macpro.

    This seems to happen whether my iPhone is connected to the 3G network or connected to my home Wifi. My MacPro is wired, running off an ethernet connection. I use an Airport Station to send out the WiFi signal.

    Anyone experience similar or have suggestions?

    If I need to provide more info, please let me know.

    Thanks in advance!
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    POP servers only allow one client at a time to be receiving mail from them. If your iPhone just checked, there will be a slight delay before the server will accept another polling request, presumably from your MacBook.

    The same thing happens to me once in a while if I have checked my email on the iPhone too close to the time I check on the desktop. It's rare that automatic polling happens at the same time though.
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