Checking/Removing Applications/Processes that start upon bootup

Discussion in 'macOS' started by vgoklani, Feb 12, 2011.

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    Just recently, I've noticed that Java loads up each time my machine reboots. How would I figure out which application is calling Java, that is, how do I figure out which applications are loaded when my mac reboots? I've already checked the usual places: System Preferences -> Accounts -> Login Items, and Main Directory -> Library -> StartupItems. Nothing in either of those places needs Java, so what else should I do? I would also like to keep track of which applications/processes are loaded each time my mac reboots, so this is a useful exercise. I've already checked the Console, nothing useful there...
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    Good on you looking at LoginItems. StartupItems? Nothing is really put there anymore since the move to launchd. These would be obvious as you would see SystemStarter in the logs.

    You want to look at:
    1. ~/Library/LaunchAgents
    2. /Library/LaunchAgents
    3. /Library/LaunchDaemons

    There will be plists in this folders, they are launchd plists. You will have to determine which one to remove. This may be challenging, since there probably won't be any indication of it "calling" Java as you say.

    You will have to find out if it was coded in Java. If you have no luck, a stepped approach may be best. Move them all, drop one in, reboot, check, move out, drop one in, etc.

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