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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by thatsmyfish, May 25, 2015.

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    My Apple watch didn't seem like it was getting comparable coverage to those here who have the 42mm (I'd tap out between 15-18 hours of light-moderate use) and despite the Apple staff telling me that was a long time, they sent it in for a battery replacement since they couldn't get the diagnostic to function.

    I just checked on the status. I left it with the Genius on Thursday afternoon, and it's now Monday morning (and a holiday) and it shows "Service Requested." I'm surprised it didn't show as mailed or received by the service center. Does this mean it hasn't left the store or will it just not update until they actually begin work on it?

    My other question is, in the event the battery life does not improve, I want to return it. Is the 14 days for return impacted by them having my watch during that period? Day 14 would be this Wednesday and I would likely not have it or just be getting it back on that date.

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    Mine was at service requested for 3 days and then it was shipped back. No point in calling because they said it was in the warehouse when it was delivered to me already.
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    It depends on how far away the repair depot is. I dropped mine off last Tuesday afternoon, it shipped out of the Apple Store Wednesday and was received by the depot on Thursday afternoon around 3pm. The status went from step one to step 3 within minutes and then showed replacement product shipped within another hour. Apple received the replacement on Friday and I picked up Friday afternoon. Total process was 3 days. The depots don't work weekends and your product wash kelt not shipped until Friday. The depot will likely receive and process it Tuesday so you'll likely receive it back Wednesday if they simply replace the bad unit.
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    I was trying to figure out if they even mailed it out from the store yet, but from your comment I can take it that it will not update until they actually begin working on it in the depot?
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    Apr 25, 2015
    Yeah. What time did you turn it in to Apple? If it was afternoon, it likely went out next day. You can call apple tech support and they can see if it was processed and sent out from the store. But the depot won't update until it's received and it being the weekend, likely won't update till tomorrow.
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    It definitely wouldn't have made the mail on Thursday. No doubt it went out Friday, arrived sometime over the weekend and with the holiday won't be touched until tomorrow or the next day, given the backlog that has likely accumulated. Being a new product, I wasn't sure if that would constitute a further delay. My big concern was if I decide it's not for me, I didn't want an issue with the fourteen day return window.
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    Apr 25, 2015
    I'm sure Apple customer service would work with you on that.
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    What issue was your watch having?
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    The battery life on the 42mm was more towards the 12-15 hour range than the 15-18 range despite similar use to a lot of people going over 24 hours.

    Weird thing actually happened. I assumed they would get the watch today with the weekend and the holiday. I was eating near the Apple Store tonight and got an email that one of my two credit cards was removed from Apple Pay. It was still on my phone, so I assumed one of the two was removed from the Watch, although the website hadn't been updated to reflect that it was received for processing. I popped by the store and they said their records showed it was shipped four days ago, which would be Friday or Saturday, which seems right.

    The website has been reflected to show that the watch was received May 27th and work is in process. Oddly enough, today's the 26th.
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    Not a bad idea.
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