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    I need to clear off an old external drive [Drive A] which has been housing some very important files for a number of years. I have already made backups of these to a different drive [Drive B] which is regularly backed up to another drive [Drive C]. However, in sorting through some other files on yet another drive [Drive D] which began as backups themselves, I've found a number of files that are corrupted or even entirely missing; these were mostly media files, mp3s and the like so not terribly important. But the files on Drive A are extremely important and would not be replaceable.

    What software exists that could tell me if my existing backups of these files on Drive B [and Drive C] are, in fact, intact when compared to the originals on Drive A?

    I know that Carbon Copy Cloner will run a checksum on files it has copied from A to B, but these files were not copied using it. Can it be configured to run a checksum on files it did not duplicate?

    These files are parts of a feature length film so there are thousands of them and even if I tried to go through comparing them item by item, it would take weeks and I'd likely miss inconsistencies. So, I'm interested in an application that can simply crosscheck the file sizes to make sure all the duplicates are as they should be.

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    Thank you. I'll try them all and see if they give me consistent information.

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