China Telecom in Talks to Launch CDMA iPhone?

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Oct 7, 2010.

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    With much of the current excitement surrounding a recent report regarding the beginning of production for a CDMA-based iPhone 4 focused on Verizon in the United States, it pays to remember that there are a few other carriers around the world that could also take advantage of such a handset.

    Reuters reports on an article from the South China Morning Post which points to a report from a Deutsche Bank analyst claiming that China Telecom, the country's third-largest carrier, is in talks to bring the iPhone to its CDMA network early next year.
    China Unicom, the country's second-largest carrier, is currently the exclusive iPhone provider in China and is currently struggling to meet demand for the just-released iPhone 4.

    Article Link: China Telecom in Talks to Launch CDMA iPhone?
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    I think this is what the CDMA iPhone is for and less likely VZW...
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    I said this same thing several threads back about the subject. I'm inclined to believe the same. If Verizon got a CMDA iPhone, it would be incidental to a China CDMA phone. Depending on the success in the market and the device tolerance, then a consideration would be given to the US market. Probably more than a year away at least and by that time Verizon is going to have much larger LTE adoption. We will see but I certainly think that if any CDMA phone is being made, it's for China.
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    I think it's more likely it's for both, it would make no sense for Apple to develop a CDMA iPhone and not give it to Verizon. looking at this list from wikipedia Verizon appears to be the largest CDMA carrier in the world.
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    will the china telecom really can sell the iPhone 4?

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