China Unicom Eyeing iPhone 4S Introduction Before Year-End

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    As noted by CapitalVue, China Unicom is planning for an introduction of the iPhone 4S before the end of 2011, hoping that official certification of the device from regulatory authorities comes through in time to meet the timeframe.
    The original report from [Google translation] notes that the wait comes as Apple has already cut off supplies of the 16 GB and 32 GB iPhone 4 in preparation of the launch of the 8 GB model. That device will be offered as a lower-cost option alongside the iPhone 4S once the models receive approval and are launched.


    The 8 GB iPhone 4 is currently listed as the only iPhone 4 option in Apple's Chinese online store, but the device is not yet available for purchase through the site.

    Article Link: China Unicom Eyeing iPhone 4S Introduction Before Year-End
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