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Jan 5, 2005
sorry guys does not look like a fake

LuxPro unveils iPod shuffle clone

A Taiwan-based maker of digital audio products, LuxPro, has introduced its "Super shuffle" digital music player this week at the CeBIT conference in Germany.

iPodlounge is reporting that the “Super shuffle” is nearly identical to the iPod shuffle in every way--from its form factor to its name and advertising. MacNews.de has posted photos of the device and LuxPro’s advertising at CeBIT.

The Super shuffle is the same length (3.3") and width (0.99") as the iPod shuffle. The flash memory-based Super shuffle is a little thicker (0.38") than the iPod shuffle (0.33"), but offers an FM tuner and voice recorder, which the Apple device lacks, says iPodlounge. LuxPro's music player offers MP3, WAV, and WMA support and is offered only in 512MB and 1GB sizes. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X. Pricing and availability were not immediately available.

see pictures here

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