Chip in new iPad Pro bezel

Discussion in 'iPad' started by erasr, Feb 12, 2018.

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    my GF got an iPad Pro 10.5 today from John Lewis (UK).

    There’s a chip in the bezel. I mean come on, what’s that all about?! Poor.

    Is JL stock dodgy or returns maybe? It was wrapped, so it’s strange.

    Also, there was a card found from previous on it in the setup. Not hers! How can this be if it was wrapped and new?

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    I don't remember exactly but I think I saw them re-wrapping opened box electronic product. Don't count on me though! My memory may be incorrect.
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    The chamfered edges have always been very delicate. I’ve had a few iPads in the past that have come with chips and scratches on the edges. Just return it, your case is pretty extreme.
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    It is a well known fact that retailers will resell returned devices if determined to be in good working order. Some make mistakes.

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