Choices on CPUs (yes I have checked previous post)


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Nov 4, 2015
Melbourne Australia
Hi all tomorrow I take delivery of my new old mac pro 5,1 mid 2010 dual quad CPU 8 cores. Love the idea of the upgrade possibilities!

I have checked all the previous post and still can't make a choice!

My question is do I go 2 x x5677 and stay with 8 beefy cores or do I go for the x5680 (about the same price) Will I be using the extra cores?

What I do:
I work in mobility so not designing anything, I run a about 2-3 VMFusion systems at anytime, I edit some photos (entry level stuff) I convert some videos nothing major and I play games from time to time.

Besides that I come from a support background so know the internals and love MAC.

I am still pondering the GPU but there is enough info on here to get me there. Ill be going PCIe but mostly just because I can.

SO will the 8 x 3.49 core do me or should I go 12x3.30

Mac comes with 32gb of Ram
1GB GPU original.