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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by webdeveloper, Jul 14, 2012.

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    Jul 14, 2012
    I use a MBP and primarily use G-mail webmail, talking back and forth with businesses, friends and individuals - mostly are strangers and every message contain my IP Address which is able to be geo-targeted and shows physical address, phone, name, and more personal sensitive information; so I am looking to choose the best browser for security, to prevent hackers or people from trying to get into my account or computer.

    Which browser is best....Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, for Maximum Security Protection and Preventing Malware, Worms, etc.

    Also what are the best add-ons that integrate with these browsers to allow for even more security protection?

    And if you could let me know which are the best ways to protect your mac, privacy and system setting wise - I would be very thankful.
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    Security is not a function of the browser, it is a function of the user.
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    Can't speak for the others but for Firefox and Safari there's an extension called Ghostery which kills all the tracking cookies used by marketing companies etc. Nowadays many web sites have anywhere between 5 or 6 and a dozen or more of the things.

    If you don't have a browser preference yet, I would start with Safari.
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    Take a look at DoNotTrack+ at

    I'm also thinking of Abine's service called DeleteMe. It's a service where information about you (email address, phone number, and much more information available on the net) is deleted.

    DoNotTrack is free. DeleteMe costs...but I suggest you at least check out DoNotTrack if you're really interested in privacy.:D

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