Choosing a new Mac portability or usability?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by MaximusNL, May 8, 2008.

  1. MaximusNL macrumors newbie

    Mar 15, 2005
    Currently I own an iMac (C2D first generation Alu) and a MacBook of the C2D generation. Since three years I study at university and now I need the laptop more and more. When I'm at home I find myself more and more often in the possition that I don't have the right files with me on my MacBook. Not the right files means that I can't continue with the excersises (I'm studying to become an Accountant so up-to-date information is vital).

    To eliminate this problem once and for all I'm thinking of buying a new laptop. I like the realestate the 24" iMac offers me and also the speed of the machine (C2D 2.4 / 7200rpm hdd and 3gb mem) and I don't like the snappyness of the MacBook much (C2D 2.13 / 5400rpm hdd and 2gb ram).

    I chose the MacBook Pro mainly because it has more speed under the hood and also because it just looks better (I loved my PowerBook G4 :eek: ). Since I use excel much in wide Excelmaps (Profit-and-loss-accounts & balance-sheets) I want to have a large screen but with a high dotpitch (eyes aren't that great :p ). So I end up at the 17" MBP standard configuration which is, I think, suitable for my needs and wishes.

    Until today I have always worked on a 24" display for the excel maps and stuff. These all had a 1920 * 1200 resolution starting with the 23 ACD in G4-Style I had first with my PowerMac G5, now the iMac 24" which features the same resolution. The MBP is good for college and workgroups to work with large excel sheets, my point of doubt is whether a 17" at 1680 * 1050 is always fun and relaxing too look at.

    This is why I'm posting this thread. Do you think an external monitor (23 or 30) is necessary for me to buy also for working at home? I like the realestate on the 24" iMac but more equals better (people do are spoiled aren't they :rolleyes: ). At home I will place the MBP on an Griffin Elevator and plugin a fullsize keyboard and normal mouse (Logitech MX400)

    I will get the entire setup with an ADC Student membership featuring the 20% discount once-in-a-lifetime.

    • Is it wise to purchase a 17" mbp standard for my needs?
    • Is it wise to purchase an external monitor (23 or 30")?

    I would apologise for some bad English, I live in Holland and don't post on English-spoken boards much.
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    Jan 11, 2008
    Your english is fine, I understood you well. :) First off, I wonder if you've considered using a wireless network attached storage device for your files, so that you can retrieve and update them on both systems, rather than having to purchase another laptop?

    If that's not a consideration or option, than I think the 17" MBP is a nice machine (I use one as my main computer). It's not as portable as your MB, but if you get a backpack, it won't be noticeable. I also have the Griffin Elevator, and use a mouse and keyboard. I purchased a 22" external monitor by Samsung, and am soon going to upgrade to a 24", as it's a much better option, as you know.

    I'm looking at the Dell 24" Ultrasharp model, but here is a link to their models between 24" and 30", since that's what you're considering in size. I'm sorry, I don't know which retailers you will have available in Holland.

    Since you didn't state you'll be needing a monitor with excellent color accuracy, such as is necessary with graphic designers and photographers, I'll assume you may want to consider the less expensive TN panel monitors as well.

    The difference between these less expensive models, and the professional models, basically exist in their accurate color reproduction, and their viewing angles. The professional monitors are superior in these areas. If you are interested console gaming or watching commercial HD movies (Blu-ray) on your computer, than make sure you purchase a monitor that has HDCP compliance, and optimally, an HDMI port. With gaming, you will want a low response time, such as 8ms or less.

    Other brands to consider would be Samsung, Apple (not HDCP compliant), Viewsonic, LG, and BenQ. The MBP is a fine option for power and portability all in one attractive system. One other consideration would be getting the 15" version instead of the 17", since you'll be connecting to an external monitor at home. Good luck to you on your decision. :)
  3. MacHipster macrumors 6502

    Sep 11, 2007
    Are you still at university or did you graduate? Regardless, you should write a list contrasting your needs versus your wants. You'll want to be frugal with your funds as I'd imagine starting off one's career is going to be financially tough. Good luck! :)
  4. MaximusNL thread starter macrumors newbie

    Mar 15, 2005
    I'm going to graduate in july. Then I will start an MSc MBA master in Finance so I will be studying for two years. My needs are stated above and the only question is whether it is wise to buy an external monitor for my home working stuff.

    My financial reserves are filled with enough Euros to buy a new setup and still have a financial base to buy the setup (17 mbp + 30" acd) five more times so that isn't a problem.

    I also own a PS3 which is connected to my 26" HDtv 720p HDReady. I don't need a monitor for that. Also the PS3 features a bluray drive and gives me the opportunity to view blurays on my HDtv. So I won't need HDCP in any way (I also don't game on my mac, that's why I purchased a PS3).

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