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    Nov 7, 2006
    Antwerp, Belgium
    Due to their production standard requirements Apple no longer sells Isights.

    There are a lot of webcams able to work with Apple even if the packaging don't mention the fact. And they are a lot cheaper. But how do you know which webcam you should buy? There is a really eassy way to know. Just follow the next procedure.

    Go to or just google "MACAM" it is the first site on the list.
    Click on "Cameras" and an extened list of webcams will appear. Some webcams have the mention "should work" others have the mention "supported".
    Make a short list of the webcams with the mention "supported" and go shopping.

    Go back to the same site and click "Downloads". Don't hesitate to download one of the programs/drivers and install it. You will notice that your webcam is recognized by your computer but not by Ichat.

    Go to or just google "IchatUSBCam" it is the first site on the list.You can down load a demo-version or buy the individual version for $9.95. Install the program and start Ichat it will work.

    I personnaly bought a logitech Communicate STX (webcam) for just $70.
    Even if you want to buy the much more expensive Isight, you can't and you will have to wait till the next model (end of this year?).

    I hope you will find this a good alternative...
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    Jun 25, 2002
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    Few Belgians shop the U.S. Apple store site.

    I've read that the EU version of iSight is ready but obviously, it's not ready to be sold yet since it's not there.

    There are only two other webcams that I've seen associated with the SourceForge project. One is the Logitech QuickCam Pro 4000 and there is also a Philips model.
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    Nov 7, 2006
    Antwerp, Belgium
    The sourceforge project

    This is my respons to the guy who said there are only two other models associated with the sourceforge project : Before writing something down, at least do your home-work or click the links.

    For the moment this are the supported webcams :
    I didn't mention the webcams that should work, or which the controller is unknown, or webcams which support is in progress (the list is already long enough).

    This list on the website is updated on regular basis.
    The last model is apparantly made for Mac.

    3com : Home Connect
    AEL / Multicam : AuraCam DC-30U
    AEL / Multicam : AuraCam DC-31U
    AEL / Multicam : AuraCam DC-32U
    Alptek : Classic Cam
    Apltek : PalmCam USB 16 MBit
    Apltek : PenCam 16 MBit
    Apltek : PenCam 64 MBit
    Apltek : PenCam Compact
    Apltek : PenCam Ultra/Capsule
    Apltek : PenCam VGA 1
    Apltek : PenCam VGA 2
    Apltek : PenCam Voice VR2
    Ariston : iSee
    Camex : Digital Camera
    CP Technologies : USB Mini Web Cam (CP-MPC-01)
    Creative Labs : Video Blaster Webcam 2
    Creative Labs : Video Blaster Webcam 3
    Creative Labs : Vista Plus
    Creative Labs : Webcam CT6840
    Creative Labs : WebCam Live
    Creative Labs : WebCam NX
    Creative Labs : WebCam Pro
    Creative Labs : Webcam Pro Ex
    Cyber Snipa : Spotter Webcam
    D-Link : DSC-350F
    Digicom : Galileo USB
    Digital Dream : L'espion
    Digital Dream : L'esprit
    DNT : CamStick
    Dolphin Peripherals : 007 Pocket Digital Camera
    Dynalink : Digital Camera
    Ezonics : PC CAM 10/USB
    GPT : i-cam 340
    Hercules : Webcam Classic
    Hercules : Webcam Deluxe
    Intel : Play QX3 Microscope
    Kensington : VideoCam 67015
    Lego : LegoCam
    Lifeview : USB CapView
    Logitech : QuickCam Communicate STX ( the one I have Bought )
    Logitech : QuickCam for Notebooks Deluxe ( 0x08a9 )
    Logitech : QuickCam Orbit/Sphere
    Logitech : QuickCam Pro 3000
    Logitech : QuickCam Pro 4000
    Maxxtro : CAM22U
    Meade : MicrOcular
    Olivetti : WebCam 350K
    Philips : SPC 600NC
    Philips : SPC 700NC
    Philips : SPC 900NC
    Philips : ToUCam Fun (PCVC730K)
    Philips : ToUCam Pro
    Philips : ToUCam Pro (PCVC740K)
    Philips : ToUCam Pro II (PCVC 840K)
    Philips : Vesta Pro (PCVC680K)
    Philips : Vesta Pro San (PCVC690K)
    Plawa : SpyPen Cleo
    Plawa : SpyPen Xion
    Praktica : MicroPix
    Samsung : AnyCam MPC-M10
    TCE : NetCam 310u
    TCM : Dual Mode Camera
    Trust : CP-2100
    Trust : Spacec@m 120 (0x0c45:0x600d)
    Trust : Spyc@m 100
    Trust : Spyc@m 100plus
    Trust : Spyc@m 300
    Trust : WB-1400T
    Viewquest : VQ110
    Visioneer : Communications Primascan I-cam 340
    Vivitar : Vivicam 3350
    Wooritek : Snail Digital Camera
    WWL : Micro Cam
    Zoom Telephonics : CAM-CU-68R/AM
    Zoom Telephonics : ZoomCam USB for Mac (model 1596)
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    Jun 25, 2002
    Gone but not forgotten.
    I realise that English isn't your first language, but that's not what I said.

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