Choosing between MacBook 2017 and MacBook Pro 13 2017

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    Seeing as I already own a MacBook Pro 15” 2015 which spends 99% of its time hooked up to a portable monitor as a sort of desktop setup, I’m looking to purchase something for travel and commuting. I’d like the power of the Pro, but I love the size of the rMB.

    This is purely for on the sofa, in bed, coffee shops, and travelling etc. My general usage would be Word/ Scrivener/ Byword for writing, Mendeley/ Kindle for journal articles/ books to reference, default apps (Calendar, mail, Safari, iMessage, reminders), with Spotify running in the background. The most taxing thing I’d use it for is photo editing in Capture One whilst on holiday.

    So long as it fits on a train/ plane tray table, I’m happy. I’ve never gelled with and iPad workflow, and far prefer a proper keyboard so with that said, the choices are:

    MacBook (m3, 8GB, 256)

    MacBook Pro 13 (i5, 8GB, 256)

    I’m drawn towards the MacBook, but I’m also a little worried I’m going to regret it down the line as much as I love the portability or it.

    If those who own either of the above could chip in with their thoughts that’d be great. I’ve read reviews between the two and they’ve been quite mixed (at least when it comes to the MacBook).

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    I owned the 2015 MacBook, sold it after about a year, but not because I didn't love it. Granted, I have a desktop to do intensive tasks, so it wasn't my main machine.

    I recently bought a 2017 MacBook Pro 13 and having to choose between the two, I went with the MBP. Sure I adored the MacBook form factor, but when it came down to it, the performance gain was worth it. However if that's the one you're drawn to, I can tell you that it's a wonderful machine despite the hate it sometimes receives. You're definitely paying for the portability. The MBP is so thin now, that to me it doesn't make much difference.

    I'm a writer and photographer...this machine I can easily do both when I desire. However 90% of what I do on it is writing.
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    What? They both rely exclusively on the USB type C connector. The MB has one USB-C, and the MBP has two TB3/USB-C (and 2 more USB-C on the touch bar version). You'll need the same dongles for either machine, but the Pro offers more ports and higher bandwidth through TB3.

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