Choosing between updating my Macbook+iMac Combo OR new Macbook Pro

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    Nov 5, 2010
    I currently have a Macbook running OS X 10.4.11 -- I know, I'm really behind.
    It's specs are: 2Ghz Intel core duo, 1 GB ram, and 80 GB hardrive. It's a mid 2007 model. It's now slow and the hardrive is almost full. If I want to continue using it--I definitely need to update my OS, new RAM.

    I've been thinking about the iMac I'd probably choose to have 2TB option for the hardrive and giant screen, and use my Macbook for it's portability, basic word documents, internet browsing etc.
    With all my current gadgets, I will have used up over 216 GB just starting off. (currently I'm not really able to optimally use them to capacity because my hardrive is too small).


    I have also been seduced by the new and shiny Macbook Pro laptops. My mom has one, and I end up using it almost as much as much own computer because I love how fast it is, and it's sleek aluminium body.
    My parents think that this is clearly the better choice, and I am somewhat inclined to go along. My best friend thinks I am crazy to want a desktop.

    I'm just not sure if a 500 GB hardrive will cut it, especially as time goes on and I acquire more and more music, and movies on iTunes.

    Q: Are my parents right?
    Q: Do you think 500 GB is enough for me?
    Q: Is it silly to use an old Macbook as a pseudo net-book?
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    The route you're taking is the route I'm taking today, only about 3 years behind you. :p I got an iBook G4 and and iMac G4, thinking what you are regarding desktops. I would put the majority of my stuff on my desktop, and take only what I need on my laptop. Well, as a recent thread I've posted contradicts that, I have to share my opinion on that scenario.

    While it is handy to leave stuff at home, and only carry the bare essentials, it would be a lot more handy to have everything on the portable handy computer that you actually use. I use my desktop a lot less than I figured I would, and I can only describe it as a media hub and an iPhone home.

    Unless you really really think that you'd like a sit down desktop at home, and your current MacBook is cutting it, I'd upgrade the laptop and stay desktop-less. You already note that your laptop is getting long in the tooth for your needs. Why not have a shiny new 2010 laptop, and bring it everywhere with you, using it for everything - instead of having a brand new desktop just sitting at home, while your primary portable machine keeps getting older.

    A) I think they're right. The laptop seems to be a lot more useful for you. You've gone this long without needing a desktop, right? Desktops stay home. Your current laptop seems to be quite important.
    B) 500gb should be more than enough. An average length HD movie is about 1.5gb (in my experience), so you have to be the judge about how many you'll watch. My other rule of thumb is to think about how long it's taken you to grow your music library. Take that amount of time and cut it in half. Your current laptop should last you this long without worrying about space. That's what I tell my friends and family.
    C)Not at all. It is still a perfectly capable machine. In my retro world, the iBook is my netbook compared to my iMac. It's a matter of balancing things between 2 machines, though, and although I LOVE my iMac, sometimes I wish everything was just one 1 device.

    Bottom line:
    If you want a permanent rig at home and like your current Laptop a lot, go Desktop.
    If your Laptop is your lifeline, it only ages, and I'd upgrade it without worrying about a Desktop.
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    Dec 10, 2008
    Do you need power when on the go? You could just get a MBP and an external monitor to make it a desktop when at home.

    Your MacBook will be perfectly fine, just add some RAM and a new HD.

    You can upgrade the HD to up to 1TB in MBPs from aftermarket, up to 1.75TB if you remove the SuperDrive

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