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    Choosing the right iPod can be a very tricky job these days when we have so many of the models to choose from. Generally, whichever iPod model you decide to buy, you wont go wrong with your choice as all the iPods provide you with an excellent performances. However, some iPod models are more suitable for some people then the others. To make sure you are gonna buy the right iPod, read this article as I am gonna go through every model briefly and try to help you with your choice.

    iPod shuffle: is a smallest in the series of iPods and comes with 512MB and 1GB of a flash memory respectively. This model due to it's size doesn't have a display and it can play songs randomly or by a playlist. iPod shuffle is particularly suitable for athletes or people who are on the move a lot. As it doesn't have a hard drive it's more resistant to shake-ups especially if it's carried in the protective case or with an armband. Despite it's size, this lightweight player provides you with an extraordinary sound and a bass response is good.

    iPod nano: is a one amongst the newest models in the iPod family and it's about to slowly but surely replace so popular iPod mini model. iPod nano is a flash based model, ultra light and it has a colour display which is capable of showing photos or cd artworks. iPod nano is available in 2 or 4 GB models, comes in two different colours, standard white or a sleek black (which I particularly like:). If you always wanted a compact mp3 player that has a colour screen and it's capable of showing photos as well, iPod nano would be the right iPod for you.

    iPod: or as often called "regular" iPod is the most advanced iPod model available at the moment. iPod is available as a 30 or 60 GB model. It has a hard drive, 2.5-inch colour display capable of displaying photos and playing videos. It's slightly larger then the previous model due to a built-in hard drive and a larger screen. If you want all the features that iPod can provide and you don't mind it's a bit heavier then the models described above, this iPod is an excellent choice.

    Now when you know what's on the offer, you are probably asking yourself "What about iPod colour,iPod photo and iPod mini models?" Well those models had been apparently replaced with the iPod nano and iPod colour is now just regular iPod. If the price matters to you, you can still buy previous models of iPods (ipod colour,ipod photo and mini iPods) via e-bay or your local Apple dealer. I hope you will be happy with your iPod just like I am with mine (iPod mini silver 4GB 1st gen). Good luck and happy listening:)

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    :confused: er... You might want to update that, amigo (if it's from your blog). It looks like it might have been helpful to a few people until the entire range was updated. :)
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