Chose a 2015 > new MBP. How about you?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by wegster, Oct 29, 2016.

  1. wegster macrumors 6502

    Nov 1, 2006
    Yeah, it's another 'me, too' thread. Lots of us have expressed being 'less than thrilled' at the new models, for various and sometimes different reasons. Fanboys of course give an instant response of 'so go buy a Windows machine,' or 'no one needs more than 16GB' or other tripe they have no clue about...while some acknowledge the new systems may work for them but not for others.

    I think upcoming refreshes of the new models + price adjustments over time will likely make the MBP line reasonably solid again, but I've been waiting for a 32GB option for ages now. I like the USB-C/TB3 but am indifferent on the touchbar as 80% of the time, I'm running an external KB, displays and mouse, but do see how it could be useful for those not regularly running as a 'workstation replacement,' and recognize it could be cool for those folks.

    Likewise, on the bigger trackpad, I'd like to see how it develops - allowing pencil input on it (future model?) would be pretty neat, although not sufficient for the artists and engineers who may be tempted by the new Surface and SurfaceStations. I'd like it myself as I would use it for quick mockups for software as well as in conference calls w/shared boards versus the aging tablet I occasionally use for same.

    The wider gamut screen and new coating should be a win, and while I'm annoyed on the loss of the SD card slot as a semi-serious-casual photographer, and definitely would miss MagSafe, overall the TB3/USB-C will lead us to a nice place with multiple displays, combo hub including legacy ports, AND power from one connector.

    I desperately needed a new(er) MBP from my 2011CTO 2.3GHz 1680x1050, upgraded to 16GB RAM, EVO 1TB SSD and second hard drive - any IO boosts are helpful when running multiple VMs (as would be to get the extra RAM), but even moreso my replacement 3rd party battery won't last an hour when driving an external display on battery power for meetings.

    I also need 1TB (or more) of storage - regardless of backups, my working disk is at close to 850GB used after scrubbing, so going light on disk, especially on non-upgradeable storage, while file sizes continue to grow, just wasn't an option for me.

    The new model CPU differences will only be incremental, and likewise on the GPU performance, so no 32GB option, for that price - I'm out for now.

    A new MBP with only 16GB RAM and 1TB was pricing out at > $3k, so I just picked up a 2015 16GB, 1TB, dGPU for $1500. Would have loved for it to have been AppleCare eligible, and I expect better deals to be had once the reviews start coming in, but at that price if I run it for a year waiting to see what the refreshes bring and then sell it, I likely won't lose all that much on resale.

    Anyone else?
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    London, UK
    I was waiting for the MBP refresh and after the event decided to decline the latest models. The TouchBar doesn't really interest me so instead I have decided to buy the 2015 model while they are still available. I've gone for the MBP retina 13" 256GB model since it has the ports I require without having to buy loads of adaptors etc.

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