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    This handy application enables you to create a full database of Christmas cards, where you can put all cards that are presented to you, and who want to present themselves. Thus, you will never forget to congratulate the person close to you and will always be able to please yourself with warm wishes of your friends, colleagues, relatives, thereby maintaining a festive atmosphere in your heart, even in the end of Christmas holidays.

    ❄❆❆ Features:
    ★ To create a full database of your Christmas cards
    ★ Assign each card name, brief description, and three photos
    ★ Use the list of contacts to quickly enter a person's name
    ★ UI will create a festive atmosphere, regardless of the season.

    The application contains two sections: "Received", where you can add all presented to you by postcard, and "Sent" - all donated by you cards. All you have to do that would add a new card is to click on the symbol "+" in the upper right corner of the screen. In each menu cards, you can add its name, brief description, and from whom she came to you, or to whom you send mail, using either your contacts list, or simply enter the name of that person in a special field.

    ★★★USE PHOTOS★★★
    Also you can add three photos stored on your phone. This is very convenient as well, you can always please yourself with a beautiful card and nice things that you wish your loved ones, regardless of the season.

    We have done everything possible that would be, you enjoy every second of this application.

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    Nov 18, 2009
    Updated to 1.01.

    Fixed the contacts bug.
    Fixed every bug and improved speed.


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