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    I finally got a chromecast today at best buy. The little hdmi dongle that lets you stream from computer to tv. Finally found one for sale. Hard to get ever since release they sell out everywhere. But today finally got one. I have mac mini mid 2011 i5, 8gb ram chip (not 2 fours) just 1 chip. According to istats pro dashboard thingee I never go above 50 or 60 degrees c. But after setting up my chromecast and fiddling with it for 5 minutes and loading a few youtubes and netflix I went up to 78c (for the CPU). And the fans were lawnmower loud. After shutting off for 15 minutes cpu still reads 75c.

    Is i5 not good enough for streaming or do I need more ram. And what is the max the i5 in the mini I have will heatup to before it shutdowns. 90c or can I got more safely without worrying.
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    Flash is very CPU intensive. It will always cause this. Do a search on these boards about flash videos and CPU and you will find a 1000 threads. Then do another search on "is my mini overheating" and you will find another 1000 threads.

    End result: What you are seeing is normal and within spec.
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