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Feb 3, 2009
Hey all Chronicles of Inotia players, I fell in love with this game couple days ago, and decided, due to the lack of proper guides, or any fansites at all on the internet, that i would make my own mini-guide of this awesome game =D

First of all, let me introduce you to Chronicles of Inotia, This game is a Classic Old-style RPG with many of our RPG-fans old beloved traits.
Theres your good old hunting,grinding, leveling up to get to new levels, skills, armors and weapons.

If you look at this game in terms of the present Gaming industry, yes you won't regard this game so highly, but as iPod users we all are, this game should be highly appreciated as one of the first games to show us what kind of RPGs the iPod touch(or iPhone of course =P) is capable of stirring up.

Now this isn't a review so lets get on with this...

Inotia has various weapons, Swords, Axes, and Javelins. Each isn't specialized, they are all categorized as "weapons".


Short Sword Damage:2~3 bought for 50g / sells for 16g

Long Sword Damage:3~5/bought for 300g / sells for 100g

Orchish Axe Damage:3~8/bought for 1000g /sells for 333g

Scimitar Damage:5~8/bought for 3000g /sells for 1000g

Elvin Sword Damage:7~10/bought for 8000g or 1P 666g /sells for 2667g

Halberd Damage:1~19/bought for 1P 1400g or 1P 6866g/sells for 3800g

Warhammer Damage:8~20/bought for 2P 8000g or 4P 5666g/sells for 9333g

Trident Damage:2~29/bought for 4P 2000g or 6P 2666g/sells for 1P 4000g

Bastard Sword Damage:10~15/bought for 1P 9400g/sells for 6467g

Thunderstorm Damage:14~20/bought for 8P 1000g/sells for 2P 7000g

Then there is armor, typical RPG-style really...
In inotia you are able to wear only Chest armor,Shields,Rings, and Boots.
As you level up you gain money and can wear stronger armor,etc.
Robe,Jacket, and the Plated armors, once again none are specialized, they are all categorized as "armor".


Cotton Robe/Defense:1/HP+6/B=100g/S=33g

Leather Jacket/Defense:3/HP+18/B=750g/S=250g


Scalemail/Defense:7/HP+49/B=6400g or 8533g/S=2133g

Full Plate/Defense:9/HP+63/B=1P 200g/S=3400g

Mithril Armor/Defense:11/HP+88/B=5P 2000g or 7P 7666g/S=1P 7333g

Titanium Armor/Defense:14/HP+112/B=10P 400g or 15P 5533g/S=3467g

Shoes,Boots,and Metallic.

Old Shoes/Defense:1/Speed:13/B=700g/S=233g

Leather Boots/Defense:4/Speed:52/B=1800g/S=600g

Frame Shoes/Defense:7/Speed:98/B=8000g/S=2667g

Greave/Defense:11/Speed:154/B=5P 9000g/S=1P 9667g

Various special features,the accuracy or point to which these features are applied are not known.(as far as I'm concerned =D)

Ring of Teleport Control/Special/teleport to town

Snake Doll/Increase Max HP

Troll Totem/Restores/???

Piece of Meat/Can be worn as ring/???

Clove Drop/Better drops

You get the point.

Small Shield/Defense:1/Block:10/B=800g/S=267g

Wooden Shield/Defense:3/Block:30/B=1900g/S=633g

Iron Shield/Defense:6/Block:66/B=9000g/S=3000g

Round Shield/Defense:9/Block:99/B=4P 5000g or 6P 6666g/S=1P 5000g

***Some prices vary in different shops, usually there is only 2 different prices, the lower price identifies the stats of the object, while the higher price usually indicates
“-Unidentified-“, what difference this makes, I have no clue***
***Weapons or Armor with 2 prices, In order to get the selling price, I used the lower numbers 33% value, whether the different buying prices make a difference in selling price or not, I do not know***
***All prices are from the shops/All selling prices were not 100% verified, but from everything else I sell, everything seems to be 33% of the buying price for selling price/There is probably more Armor and Weapons in this game, please comment if you have any more information, as I finish up this game I will add on***

Feel free to comment, add, or change anything I've written, post your screenies! =DDDD
Hope this guide helps or is at least a good read. Thanks for viewing this.


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Aug 25, 2008
Some that you've missed:

For the weapons, you forgot the Icebringer[24-35] and Balmung[the highest]

For shields, Panic shield [18 def 144 block]

For armors & shoes, you forgot the Velorium[22 def] armor and Velorium[20 def speed 210] boots

For accessories: +3 Ogre Gauntlet [Power up]


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Jan 14, 2012
Armor and Weapon upgrades

Hey guys, I was hoping someone might be able to give me a heads up on some potential good weapons and armor to upgrade.

I'm at the end of the game and have held on to such items as:
Dragon Skin
Poor Sword
Holy Sword of Reania

and was curious if items that were in blue or yellow have better upgrade potential?

Also, just grabbed a helmet called "Reggae" that looks like a chia pet on a characters head. Is there anything good about it or is it just a joke helmet?

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