CHROOMA KEYBOARD, aka Google Keyboard+

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    Check it out. This keyboard is basically stock Google Keyboard Plus.

    Especially for people who sorely miss the "aggressive" auto correct options that Google for some stupid reason removed from their stock keyboard. There are also a few other neat options, including the option to have its own number row, and customizable colors.

    I turned off the adaptive color thing cause I think it's gimmicky, but it's still pretty neat. The keyboard color will change depending on the app you're in. I tried it for a bit and it was cool, but felt unnecessary. I went back to default Material light so it feels and looks exactly like stock.

    It's $1.50, but to get back aggressive auto correct, I think it's worth it. And according to reviews, the devs support this app with updates. So more to come, I hope.

    PS. Still do not know why Google is removing features from their apps. Losing aggressive auto correct has really hurt the keyboard. I still don't understand that idiotic move. Predictions are no where as good anymore. And the worse part is, I know the Google keyboard knows what to properly correct it to because the correct words show up as an option in the suggestion bar! It just doesn't actually auto correct to it when you hit space bar anymore because there is no longer an option to choose "aggressive auto correct." Blargh, damn you Google. Making me pay $1.50 for a feature you should've never removed.

    /rant :)
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