Cider Dumped: VP Re-porting X3 Reunion and Terran Conflict Natively

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by, Jan 16, 2009.

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    I read this over at InsideMacGames and I thought it's quite interesting. Credit to Janichsan for the find in his thread "X3 Reunion comes to the Mac – once more":
    As I commented at IMG, it's impressive that VP would re-port X3 given that they already paid Transgaming to do it and they are willing to give it out to existing users for free. Even Macsoft charged for the Halo UB to move from Codewarrior to XCode.

    I'd like to see what Transgaming has to say about being dumped.

    It's only the middle of January and we already have announcements of Mac ports/re-ports of Rome - Total War, Bioshock, X3: Reunion, and X3: Terran Conflict, all seemingly native. 2009 might well turn out to be a great year for Mac gaming.
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    And if you head over to x3:TC is out...

    I'm playing it on a 2007 iMac with an HD2600 and it plays nicely at 1280x800 with shaders and textures on high with 2xAA.

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    I really hope you are right. X3 will keep people busy for a long time. That's the kind of game we need.

    Bethesda and Bioware games would be great for that very same reason.

    We don't need lots of them, just good ones!
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    I played x3 Reunion and enjoyed it but it is hard to get into. Very steep learning curve. Might pick up Terran Conflict :)

    EDIT: Looks like theres an updated version of X3 the reunion. Taken from Virtual Programming

    This version is totally up to date and will benefit from faster, more detailed and stable gameplay.
    If you already bought X3 Reunion you can download it free of charge from

    Simply log in and download from your previous order history if you already have an account.

    If not, create an account at, send an email to sales[@] with your original game code and a free download will be assigned to you.

    Note there are two builds available, English and dual German/French. Please be clear which version you require.

    Your original game code will need to be migrated to the new version here:

    Please keep the new code received safe, as we can only migrate a code once.
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    Anyone on here play Terran conflict? Is it worth getting if you already have Reunion?

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