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    I am looking to set up a virtual private server so that I can run this program called Cienega and create a bunch of users within that program for an American sign language group. I'm not exactly sure how it all works. my question is can I get a virtual private server running Mac OS X then install the program on it and create a bunch of users within that program? When you look at these virtual private servers there might be one user or five users and correct me if I'm wrong but I really only need one user with a virtual private server ( I would be the one managing it 1 user... and the program will have all the users for the database of ASL stuff). It would be the cienega program that would have 50 or 100 users on it. thank you for your help in advance
    I posted the same message on mac-forums and they banned my message! They said it was because of advertising software. So I change the post a little bit. Hope this message does not get banned. I was not trying to promote anything just trying to get an answer. Any help would be great!
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    Cienega is an iOS app, right? There is an OSX companion app, right? I don't understand why you would consider a "virtual private server" to run an OSX desktop app. You can easily create dozens (hundreds?) of users in iOS and give them access to run the cienega app though I don't know how well your Mac would run if more than a few of them were logged in at the same time (presumably using screen sharing over the internet). Again I'm confused why you need to bother when there is already an iOS app for this. Do your users have access to iThings (iPhones, iPod Touches or iPads) they can use to run the Cienega app?

    If you're looking for a way for dozens or hundreds of users to share a single license, I suggest you contact the developer. Many developers offer special licensing for users in special situations and a sign language group sounds like something that would get a favorable response.
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    well i am still figuring out the app. theres no support for the app. so the way i am understanding how it works is you have a server on your mac osx computer then you have your users with iphone, ipods and ipads. i dont want all those connections and people connecting to my mac over my internet connection- comcast. plus i dont think comcast will allow that. right?
    so thats why i was thinking the whole vps thing. im i on the right track?

    this is species709 by the way. i forgot the user info for the other account.

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