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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by ftlum, Oct 15, 2015.

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    Hi all. I've ordered a Cinder screen protector for my 6s plus and was trying to find a non bulky case that is compatible. The Apple leather case was a little bulky for me. I also am trying to avoid a rubbery case.

    I've currently got a veil XT, but it's probably a little too thin to protect things when my kids are playing on the phone.

    The Speigen thin fit is the right thickness and is rigid the way I want, but it doesn't cover the top , bottom, and corners well (I don't know what they were thinking) and the incipio feather is the same in design, unfortunately.

    I found the Ringke thin case, which looks great, but it comes up the sides a little to give face down phone protection. Will this work with Cinder? Hopefully someone has tried the combo.

    If this one won't work, is there a thin, rigid case like it that will work with Cinder?

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    I was a backer of their Indiegogo campaign. I don't think you can purchase one at the moment, but they are supposedly opening up a web store soon.

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