Cinemagraphs (animated photos)


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May 30, 2005
very interesting, now have to figure out how to create one... thanks for sharing...
Tripod is a must.

I take a photo with the desired effect like motion blur.

take a video clip. (i use a nikon d3100 with 1080p video at 24fps)

Use quicktime to select a section of the video for the motion, copy and paste to a new clip and "export as image sequence"

Now, in photoshop, resize the original image to match the size of the video frames.

overlay the individual frames, delete everything within the frames that you don't want to be moving

create individual animation frames and export as a GIF
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Mar 20, 2007
I guess part of the technique is video footage going forward, then back on itself so the animation can loop without any jumps. They do look awesome though.

I'm guessing this could be the future of newspapers - thin, cheap, flexible e-displays that display photos like this (in addition to video). Gives photos more of a charm.


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Oct 20, 2008
This is really cool, never seen anything like it even for being on the internet so long.
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