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    I have several bags/sleeves but recently have come across a need I could not fill with the stuff I have. It is for going to a biz conf/meeting with just the ipad, maybe a stylus, power cord and some business cards....all the while looking "executive" and not in nylon like a messenger bag. Enter the Waterfield City Slicker. Best way to describe it is, it's a sleeve with cover flap. Very upscale, high quality, and few pockets for stuff. Here is the warning, I am using this for a mini, so I ordered it for the reg ipad. It give you a bit more room for a power cube and the like. The sleeve for the pad is reinforced padded and perfectly tight. So if you get the one made for the specific pad you have, that's all that is going inside the sleeve. And if you load the pockets, it won't snap shut. It is a minimalistic day case - exactly what I needed. It does take a smartcover and back ok, in either ipad or mini. Fit's fine inside a bigger bag.



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