City Traffic HD has just been updated!!

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    We are happy to announce that City Traffic HD: Control Traffics in 6 Cities! is out now!! :)


    Today, City Traffic HD has just been updated in AppStore!!

    - New maps: New York and Tokyo
    - Added traffic coins for more fun
    - Added game items
    ☻Invincible : Make all cars invincible for 5 seconds
    ☻UFO : Clear all cars
    ☻Stop : All traffic stops for 5 seconds

    Save the cosmopolitan cities from TRAFFIC RUSH!!
    You can do this with your fingers.

    City Traffic HD is a game of managing traffic. Try to minimize the traffic on intersections, and avoid any crash.

    Each city has its own map and vehicles. DIFFERENT CITIES, DIFFERENT FUN!!

    Now you can purchase items to make the game a lot easier and help you beat higher scores!!
    ✭ Items ✭

    In version 2.0, you can choose:


    ✭Unlock new maps using earned coins!!!✭

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    - Swipe your fingers to accelerate the vehicles on screen
    - Tap the vehicles to stop moving
    - Purchase items and apply on screen to take effect

    - Six different and unique maps
    - In game items that you can use to make the game more fun
    - Famous sights of the world
    - Various vehicles: car, bus, truck, bike, etc.
    - As in real life, each of the vehicles rushes with different speed and sound
    - Game Center leaderboards and achievements

    Become a fan in our facebook Fan Page: BlueOnionSoft Facebook and write us comments :)

    AppStore Link: City Traffic HD v2.0 for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App


    YouTube Video: Gameplay of City Traffic HD

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