Civilization 5 System Requirements

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    Hello MacRumors. I'm planning on buying Civilization 5 for Mac, but I want to make sure it will work okay on my machine first. I have an entry-level 2011 13" Macbook Pro. Here are the detailed specs:

    Operating System: 10.6.7 (Snow Leopard)
    CPU Processor: dual-core Intel Core i5
    CPU Speed: 2.3 GHz
    Memory: 4GB 1333MHz RAM
    Video Card: Intel HD Graphics 3000
    Video Memory (VRam): 384 MB

    I'm sure it will run fine with the settings turned down, but I'm a little worried that the graphics/video card I have won't be supported. Here is a link to the minimum and recommended specs for Mac. Please let me know if you think it will work. Thanks in advance.
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    From Apple Store Questions & Answers:
    can a intel 3000 graphics card play civilization 5

    Asked by DB from Woodbridge
    Feb 23, 2011
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    I have just bought a 13'' Mac Pro which has this graphics card.
    I have not been able to load civ V on it. I believe Intel know about this problem but as yet have not found a solution.
    However, that could just be one user's experience.
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    Thanks for the reply. After reading that I'm even more scared to pay money for it and then have it not work. But as you said, it could just be one user's experience, since this issue hasn't been widely reported to my knowledge.

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