Claiming an international warranty and getting a macbook repaired

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Kaetar, Oct 16, 2009.

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    Oct 16, 2009

    My name is Jordan and sadly I have a problem with my macbook. Luckily it is (just) under a year old. As I understand, the warranty is international so it doesn't matter where I am. I bought my macbook in New Zealand just before I moved to Germany for a student exchange.

    I am having a major problem with charging the macbook. My macbook when the cord is attached does not charge. The display symbol remains on the normal battery symbol and not a charge one, and the lights on the side do not go green when the cord is removed from the port (currently half full). The light on the cord also remains unlit. The problem is, is that I have no idea if it is the macbook or the charger. I have no way of testing it with other macs since I don't know anyone with one. I can say that the power box itself when plugged in, does slowly warm up as it does normally. And I know that the chargers have a reputation for failing.

    I went into a store and explained to them that there is something wrong, but which one is the problem, I have no idea. Sadly I found their response very rude as they said "well we can't do anything to help you since you don't know which one is the problem". And then they basically said in a nice way please leave. It is not an apple certified store, but it is a branch of a store that is one. They said if I can find the problem they will send it, but if not they refuse to help me at all.

    My question is, can someone actually send it into apple itself for a diagnosis and/or repair? And do I have any other options.

    Sadly I only have a few months before my warranty ends and it would be a shame if I have something broken before the end and do nothing.

    Also there are no apple certified stores close to me. The next one from me is about 1-2 hours in a car. If I went there and asked them, can they turn me down? Or would the warranty make them check both the macbook and charger. I would say they would, but I would hate to travel so far (since I am an exchange student I will need to train out) only to get rejected.

    Your advice would be most appreciated, and a future thank you to those who help me get through this and get my macbook back in order.
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    I'm not sure what you mean by an apple certified store. However, a genuine Apple store should help you. You can always phone the store first or phone Apple directly.

    If you have a friend with the same Mac, you can try using their charger with your system.

    It shouldn't matter where you bought the computer - the 1 year warranty carries.

    And a truly helpful store would have been willing to simply plug your macbook into one of the store chargers to see what's happening. If it charges on the store's charger, then they should replace the charger. The apple stores (the official ones) have lots of Macbooks out and it shouldn't be hard to find out on the spot if your charger is working or not.
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    Oct 16, 2009
    Sadly I don't know anyone with a mac. I really wanted to do that but can't. And the store didn't really sell that many macs. It isn't really popular, and they had no display or opened boxes that had a charger or laptop.

    And in case I wrote it wrong, I meant a store that can officially repair or replace you mac by "apple certified store". Sorry if I got it wrong.

    And as far as I can tell, Germany has absolutely no apple stores, only retailers. I am also going to contact costumer support in New Zealand when the time there is appropriate.

    Hopefully they can give me some more help.
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    This is Apple's Germany Website:

    Support phone number in Germany: 01805 009 433

    Hope this helps you!

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