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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by nateo200, Nov 16, 2011.

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    I have a class 2 micro SD card I jacked from my old Droid when I got my iPhone...I threw it in a transcend mini SD adapter and have been using it with my DSLR recently more often. This thing hasn't buffered out ONCE...while my Class 10 PNY 8GB needs to be reformatted all the time (I always have a Sandisk Class 6 which has not given me a single problem in my wallet as an emergency backup, great place to store it might I add). What is going on here?

    I mean the PNY is fine but I brought it on a video shoot where my camera needed to be in action 100% of the time being I was the photographer there and it kept buffering out...I made the mistake of taking out my back up card then so some stuff had to be video'ed on my iPhone. I guess the point of my question and thread here is, how is this class 2 card holding up? I realize the classes don't always correspond with being faster but I'm confused...?..End quality does not seam like its effected and the bit rates on the videos are sometimes even higher than when I use other "faster" cards.

    tldr; why is my class 2 SD card holding up to 45mbps+ full HD video without buffer..

    Pictures are below as attachments of the card...

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    Although the microSD is classified as class 2, it would probably be closer to class 6 or 10 in a benchmark. Some companies, SanDisk especially, understate the cards' speeds.

    Also, the PNY one may be defective. I've seen a few people complain about that card being slow sometimes, but I have the same one and haven't had a problem once yet. It may be because I format it regularly (it's the easiest way to delete all the photos after import), but I use that less often now and just hit "Erase All Photos," so I don't think that's the problem. Have you tried calling PNY and telling them? Maybe they'll send a replacement card.

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