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Apr 12, 2001

A Macintosh 128K fan has created a fun video that re-imagines the original Mac from 1984 in a modern-style advert.

The project comes from motion designer Thibaut Crepelle, who outlined the creative process behind the video in a Behance post.

I wanted to pursue my idea of creating modern motion design stuff for vintage products.
For this piece, since everything is a learning experiment, I wanted to tackle a bit of UI and "animated modeling."

Today, its cubic design, its cute launch icon are elements well established in the computer horizon, and I wanted to pay an homage to that classic piece of hardware.


The Macintosh 128K was introduced in the now-famous "1984" Super Bowl commercial directed by Ridley Scott, but Crepelle sought to match the vibrant, punchy Apple ads of today using a range of software and resources from Figma to replicate the classic Mac's UI and high-resolution animations that synchronized with the music.

Crepelle also included a number of easter eggs in the video, such as macOS Monterey's wallpaper and the gradient used on Apple's "One More Thing" Mac event graphics.

Article Link: Classic Macintosh Re-Imagined in Modern Fan-Made Ad


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Jul 31, 2020


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Jul 17, 2002
Central Texas
Thats cheating. The computer the advert is trying to sell can't pull off any graphic with the quality that video has in just a clump of pixels.

I do like the old design, colors and textures. The monitors of today could pull off an interface that would look just like the computer it is running on. And I wouldn't mind one bit if my iPhone had a beige mode where you could clearly see the edges of every button on screen. Apple even has a patent on the ability to run your finger on screen elements and feel different textures the screen elements have. There is way more these devices are capable of than they let us have. But who wants to spend millions creating an interface like that when they can just add a pro or max to the end of a device and charge more for it?
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Jul 18, 2010
Brilliant! Short, sweet, and captivating.

Thats cheating. The computer the advert is trying to sell can't pull off any graphic with the quality that video has in just a clump of pixels.

I trust you were kidding! The advert -- in color -- troubled me so much that I called Apple back in 1984 and they told me I'd have to wait until 1993 for the Color Classic. :cool:
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Jan 14, 2003
This was beautifully done. Kudos to the person who made it, it's both beautiful and a brilliant demonstration of skills. I fully expect people will be knocking at their door, to offer them paid work. Genius on every level!
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Aug 20, 2015
It's not, but I think the HHKB is a great homage to that minimal keyboard.

Funnily enough, the Macintosh I bought in college came with a gargantuan Apple Extended Keyboard II. It probably weighs more than the new 2021 iMac. About as far from that minimal design as you can get.
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Oct 25, 2008
The BIG difference between that ad and the real thing is a period in the price rather than a comma.


Biggest discount, ever!​

I suspect the video creator is French where period (.) is used instead of comma (,) as the thousands separator.... so, unless it’s tongue-in-cheek (either you or the video creator), no discount really ?
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