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Feb 20, 2009
For years, I've used the old "Classic Menu" app that puts a user-configurable "Apple Menu" "on top of" the existing Apple Menu in the menu bar.

You can then add whatever you wish to it, just like one did with the "Apple Menu Items" folder in the old, "classic" OS.

Classic Menu works up to and including Mojave, but "not beyond".

Is there any similar app that works with OS 11 and 12...?


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Jan 26, 2014
Horsens, Denmark
It at least won’t be possible with the default system integrity protection and security settings. Can most likely be achieved by turning some of that off but if you can live with the different placement the less classic menu residing in the status bar area would probably be a better/more convenient solution.


Nov 22, 2007
Aalborg, Denmark
@MacGizmo great suggestions if the Apple logo was on the opposite side of the menubar ;)

I didn't suggest Xmenu or Access Menu simply because it's not in the Apple menu.

But I think the nearest option is likr you suggest; Xmenu, Access Menu or that other one from Fiblab.

There's of course MenuWhere too - made by ManyTricks, but that's something else. I can't imagine a tool or application that has enough priviliges to hook onto the Apple menu like that Classic Menu application mentioned in the initial comment here in this thread. There's more options for small independent "Docks" that there are for menubar hooker apps - so to speak.

I'm not sure if @Fishrrman has SIP off or on - I would guess the only way for anything to get injected into the Apple menu in the menubar is via MacForge(SIMBL)

I could scour GitHub and my known sources for something now that I'm engaged in this. Adding user apps and such could get tricky.

I've read about the application "Classic Menu" I think, without knowing, that @bhtwo knows a great deal about such apps.

Access Menu directories available, yet no user added apps or folders. And not in the Apple menu - sadly. Which would be great.
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Feb 21, 2017
Back End of Beyond
Highjacking this thread to ask if anyone knows of a good replacement for the old ASM (Application Switcher Menu) developed by Frank Vercruesse? It would put up a menu in the right side of the menu bar, where notification is now, that listed all running applications. Then when you selected the application it would show you all the open windows for that app. Made it so much easier to navigate the clutter on my display.
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