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Dec 16, 2021
I do read various things about cleaning the Airpods 3 with water or a weth cloth.

I have my Airpods 3 for one week now and did go to the gym. Sweating, so my Airpods where a bit sweaty also and (in my opinion) dirty on the outside.

Can I clean my Airpods 3 with a wet cloth? So lay the airpods in a weth cloth and gently rub all the outside of the airpods?

Offcourse it’s not that wet, but damp.

There will not come any water in the Airpods but I’m wondering if it’s ok to do it this way?


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Sep 15, 2022
Once you've finished cleaning the delicate regions, wipe the body of your AirPods by soaking a tiny cloth or paper towel in alcohol. To remove any lingering alcohol and grime, once again use a dry cloth or paper towel. Expert Advice: Using alcohol offers the pods a thorough clean while also disinfecting them.
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