Clean inside of LCD screen?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by pedroconejo, Aug 13, 2009.

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    Okay, so I was working on my 15" (2.2GHz) MBP when a tiny little bug started crawling across my computer screen. I tried just blowing and waving it off, but it kept on just crawling around, paying no attention to my protests. So I smushed it, like it deserved. I gently pressed against the screen with my thumb and that should have been that - a little wipe and back to work.

    There is a problem. It turns out, the little bug was INSIDE the screen! I didn't have the lights on so it was just backlit and I couldn't tell that it was inside! Somehow it got in between the glass and the reflector (or something like that) and is now a mushy mess (albeit a very small one - 2mmx1mm) right in the center of the screen.

    How can I clean this mess? I JUST (as in 3 weeks ago) had the display replaced through AppleCare but I'm pretty sure this kind of things falls squarely between the "acts of nature" and "acts of negligence" clauses in the warranty.

    I've removed the display and bezels, but chickened out once it came time to pull the LCD. Plus, I don't even know if it is possible to further dismantle the LCD anyway so...

    Anyone know if it is possible to separate the layers of an LCD? I'm not even sure what those layers are. Maybe over time the bug will just dehydrate and burn away, but I doubt it.
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    You can't be declined AppleCare coverage unless you talk with AppleCare ;)
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    whats up with all these bug related posts, goddamnit i had a nightmare yesterday night about goddamn bugs everywhere in my house.
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    You know that may be some of the best common sense advice ever posited on the forum.:D:D
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    So until I am able to bring it in (I need to fix a few potentially AppleCare-voiding things first), is it even possible to access that squashed bug? Would the process virtually be a warranty-void guarantee?
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    Same sort of problem

    Forst sorry for the spelling I am dislex

    Some small particals dust have found there way "IN TO" the LCD I don't mean "ON" or "UNDER" I mean "INSIDE". I can't work out how and have even tacken the screen casing apartaprt and still I can't see how thay got there.

    But from my little look around I think the chances of "*******" the screen by tacking it apart more/farther and trying to get them out is very hight!!!

    I think I'm going to have to live with them. :( :( :(

    I may try to clean it if I have $200 or so to replace it if I "****-up", I'll post the progrgress if I do.
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    Jun 29, 2013
    i have the same problem

    at the 25/06/2013
    i was working on my macbook pro retina display 13" and i see a bug walking on my screen. i thought first i am on lsd ,but the littel bug is walking like the screen is the natural home.

    at the 26/06/2013
    i am power on the computer
    and i see 2 bugs die on my screen

    in the retina display is very important in a reason the screen cost like the computer .

    so i have 2 bug die on my screen like 2 DEAD PIXEL

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