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    I read about the process before but couldn't find that post anymore.

    Essentially, I don't have a USB thumb drive large enough to fit the OSX, so I remember there is another method where you upgrade first and then clean install from within the internal drive. Can anyone point me to the right place?

    2011 MBA. Have been upgrading for every version of OSX but this time around, I want to clean install. Thanks.
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    Not to sound mean or anything, but you can buy an 8 gig USB stick for less than $10 at Best Buy, or I am sure other places.
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    You don't need a usb flash drive to do a fresh install

    Follow this guide

    First update to El Capitan from the AppStore after updating to El Capitan , this ensures El Capitan is in your purchased history

    Do this

    1. We’re going to restart your Mac again. But this time, hold down Cmd+R. (Keep holding it down while it restarts, do not let go!)
    2. Now, your Mac should load a screen with a few options (you can let go of Cmd+R now).
    3. Select the Disk Utility option.
    4. In the window, at the top of the left bar, select your Mac’s Main Drive. It should be something like MainHD.
    5. Now, select the Erase tab, located next to the First Aid button at the top-center.
    6. Near the center of the window, select the Format drop-down list and select “Mac OS X Extended (Journaled)” as the type.
    7. Click Erase (this will erase your main drive!) and allow some time for the drive to format.
    8. When it’s finished, close out Disk Utility and select “ReInstall OS X” from the menu. It will ask for your Mac App Store password to redownload OS X Yosemite. Give it a minute to do so.
    9. A new window should pop up and OS X Yosemite should begin to insGtall. If it does not, press back and enter your password again.
    10. Once again, follow the install instructions and enjoy your newly clean-installed OS X Yosemite.

    It says Yosemite but is the same for capitan

    I found this on the net and worked for me
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    Yes, thank you. Exactly what I am looking for.

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