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    Ok... Before anyone says anything, I have researched this and researched this and I have not been able to find a definitive answer.

    I haven't used Windows since Windows XP and I only once dual-booted Windows/Mac OS on a very old Mac many years ago.

    I have a 2015 Macbook Air. I want to game and Windows 10 actually looks decent. I obviously do not have Windows 7 or 8 on my MBA.

    At the same time I've tried to install Windows 8.1, the student edition from Dreamspark. Windows would not install through bootcamp and it lost my boot information for Mac OS so I had to restore from Time Machine. Big hassle, and VERY scary, since this is my only computer and I use it for basically everything in my life (work, school, etc.).

    Simply put, I am afraid to purchase Windows 10 because I am afraid it will not install, and then I am out 120 dollars.

    So... my question... I am currently downloading the ISO for Windows 10 from the Microsoft site. If I start a Bootcamp installation using this ISO, can I fully install Windows 10? I have heard that doing a clean install of it will prompt for a product key, but then I can skip that part during installation. Then, Windows 10 will not activate when it is fully installed. The OS will work for 30 days and then require activation.

    Is this how it works??? If I can fully install Windows 10 using this method, make sure it actually installs and works on my computer, I will happily purchase the product key. Otherwise, I am afraid it is just going to ruin my computer like Windows 8.1 did. Can I do this? Please help!
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    Honestly I don't think that Windows 10 will help you. IMO, if you can't install Windows 8/8.1 ( supported by Apple BootCamp I hope ), Windows 10 ( not supported ) will make things worse, when it comes to the installation. I'd recommend to get Windows 8/8.1 up and running and then to do the upgrade. This way you will get a free Windows 10 license too.

    Make sure the OSX filesystem is checked and repaired before you install BootCamp. Backup with Time Machine and image backup the entire disk before you start, so that the risk should be acceptable.
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    Okay, so I didn't get a response quickly enough and I was impatient and attempted the install.

    It worked! You CAN indeed skip putting in the product ID during installation. I simply downloaded the ISO from Microsoft, and did the entire process through Bootcamp. I now have Windows 10 installed, but it has not been activated. It should continue to work for 30 days. In the meantime, I can purchase Windows 10.

    So, especially for all of those worried about a clean install, you can do it on a Mac through bootcamp simply using the ISO provided by Microsoft.

    It works pretty well on my system. I like Mac OS better, but I basically just installed it to play some video games that I couldn't play.

    So... Relatively painless installation. It runs very quickly. To be honest... I like Mac OS way better. The only reason I would use Windows is for gaming or if I had programs that absolutely required Windows. On the other hand... It looks way more up to date and modern than Mac OS. I DON'T really like the UI at the moment, but it does look very modern. I think I would probably just have to get used to it. Nothing really seems easy or intuitive, but I've been away from Windows for exactly 10 years now, so I am not surprised.

    But, hopefully this thread helps somebody out there... I know I searched for this exact information for a long time, but was unable to find it!

    Good luck future Bootcampers!!!!
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