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Apr 26, 2014
I have an iMac that came with Mavericks which I thought I had registered under my Apple ID, but I don’t see it as a device. I’m looking to do a clean install, so I went to disk utilities and did the following:

Erased the HD in Mac OS Extended (journaled)
Booted back in Disk Utilities
Selected Reinstall OSX
Went through the screens including entering my Apple ID/pw
I then get the message “This item is temporarily unavailable”

I’ve seen sever post about people not getting by this message which I’ve tried. I’ve also tried the following:

Downloaded a copy of Yosemite from Cnet and tried created an install USB using TransMac. I was able to restore the image from the USB on the iMac. When I restarted, it appears something was loading and about half way through it stopped. I tried a few times and finally gave up.

I found a Mavericks Installer (~5 GB) file which I copied to my Windows PC and used TransMac to transfer to a USB drive. I’ve not gotten this to work either.

I would like to get a OS X installed on the iMac. Can someone provide me the instructions to do so?



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Sep 7, 2007
There's no need to install from cnet at all. Get your Apple software and hardware from Apple, not from a third party site.


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Mar 31, 2015
It seems you don't have a backup? Next time you might want to first use Time Machine/ Disk Utility to create backup to external drive so you won't find yourself in similar situation again...

What you can do is:

1. If the Mac is relatively recent model 2009> you could try Internet recovery by holding Option-Command-R down while the Mac is booting.
2. If your Mac is older model you could use original install DVD which came with your Mac.
3. Ask a friend to create OS X install media for you, instructions for Sierra but same principle works for older versions too.


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Apr 26, 2014
I gave the Internet Recovery option a try. All that happened was that Lion was available. I have decided to give up and purchases a recover disk for about $20.00. Hopefully this will get me back going. Thanks for replying.