Clean install of Yosemite question?

Discussion in 'OS X Yosemite (10.10)' started by Futhark, Aug 5, 2015.

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    Hi I have a Macbook Pro (Early 2013) which came with Mountain Lion preinstalled, I've updated OS X each year so now i am on Yosemite, I have extracted Yosemite onto a USB Pen Drive and want to be able to do a fresh install onto my Macbook Pro but the last time i tried this i had issues and it wouldn't let me, It installed ok but I was unable to complete setup, I think it was to do with not being the OS that came with the machine originally. I can install Mountain Lion and Upgrade but this seems like a long way round a fresh install to the latest OS.

    Has anyone a solution on how i can install Yosemite directly without the need of installing Mountain Lion first?

    Many Thanks
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    If you are now on Yosemite, you should be able to command-r boot to recovery then use Disk Util to erase Macintosh HD, then quit Disk Util and reinstall the OS. If that is not working, you have something wrong.
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    Make sure you have a fresh back up for restoring data/files before doing anything, especially before erasing the internal drive.

    You should definitely be able to install Yosemite without doing Mountain Lion first. Weaselboy's suggestion is a good plan, but all your data/files will be erased so you will have to migrate them from your back up (either Time Machine or from a clone). I prefer the clone on an external drive because you have a fully bootable way to get your system booted and fully operational if you encounter problems. Make sure to test the clone by booting from it, if you create one.

    ALTERNATE METHOD: Is the "extracted Yosemite onto a USB Pen Drive" bootable? If it is bootable and boot up tested then you can boot from it to do your Yosemite installation.

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