clean install vs upgrade


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Dec 31, 2006
Sydney, Australia
hey there everyone. i really need advice. i have read tons of other threads suggesting which way to go where everyone says different things.

my situation is as follows;

* MacBook with 2GHz C2D, 2GB RAM & 120GB HDD

* i have mucked around with cocktail, iceclean, better finder attributes, ifreemem and the such

* i have a ton of add-ons, including application enhancer with instant hijack, unifier & smart scroll, divx & flip4mac codecs, growl, sizzlingkeys, srs iwow,

* my apps (about 80 that i use) folder totals out at 12gb, the vast majority of which is taken from the internet (not CD/DVD) therefore would be very undesirable to have to get again

* i am somewhat compulsive in that my preferences for every app & system facet are tuned exactly to my liking

* i have a ton of docs & data that i definately need to keep, including ical, etc

* i have 30gb of music & 30gb of movies which i want to keep

* i have a big lacie external HDD if needed

unsure whether to clean install or upgrade, although it may seem nice to start a fresh, i am thinking that would only create a lot of unnecessary work for myself.

please feel free to express your thoughts on the matter




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Mar 1, 2004
I upgraded two machines, no issues, however I have also done archive and installs in the past and they have been good too.

I heard APE screws up Leopard booting and stuff, I don't have it myself but heard it was bad for Leopard, be careful with that if you upgrade, you could face issues.
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