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Discussion in 'iOS 8' started by Jhingha, Jan 25, 2015.

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    Due an 'anomaly' in my backups, which causes me not able to take 2 pictures in a few apps, including iMessage. (second time I just get a black screen) the guys at the Apple store told me to do a clean install and not put back my backup. (this because, when I did a clean install, it did take 2 pictures without problems, but after I put back my backup, it bugged again).

    I was thinking, almost everything is in iCloud nowadays, or in some cloud.

    Dropbox, iCloud, Whatsapp, Telegram and others even backups the messages on their side.

    So besides the settings and the installed apps (which I have to re-download, one by one..) what else do I need to think about when doing a clean install?

    Thanks for reading, I hope you guys can help me out.
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    The biggest thing for me when I do clean installs is saved app data. If the app does not backup to dropbox or some service (mostly games don't) you could lose all your data. Like Real Racing 3 has its own backup through Game Center, but some smaller developers don't implement backups for app data so there is a good chance you will lose that.
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    I mostly play online games like Vain Glory and those work on account basis so those I don't have to worry about.

    Thanks for your reply!
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    You will loose your messages, your memos, and your app data (for apps which do not sync with iCloud).
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    Before u clean install backup Ur Whatsapp chats.. Shift Ur photos to icloud library.. And see if ur notes, and contacts,reminders,etc are in icloud... Download an app that lets u backup sms .. That's most of the stuff u need..
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    So, after my reinstall these were some of my findings.

    Whats not in the cloud.

    - health data. (m7 co processor)
    - messages (imessage and texts)
    - your apps. (Download them one by one)
    - ishows watched series. (It has a backup feature though, found out too late. )
    - various inlog sessions (obv.. take this into account)
    like; vainglory, duolingo, facebook, etc.


    I indeed had my pictures, notes, contacts etc in the cloud
    Big time saver :)

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