Clean Install without the original Mac Mini's disks?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by helloimD4NNY, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. helloimD4NNY macrumors regular

    Aug 15, 2009
    Las Vegas, NV
    I got my Mac Mini from my moms friend (for free) so I don't have the disks that came with the computer, but I do have the Snow Leopard upgrade disk and the disks that came with the new MacBook Pro's if that helps.

    How would I go about doing a clean install on my Mac Mini?
  2. devburke Guest

    Oct 16, 2008
    Just a heads up, try [URL="http://mroogle.*************/“]searching[/URL] before you post, as this is a very commonly asked question and people on here are getting kinda sick of it, so someone’s bound to rudely write you off and just tell you to search without answering your question.

    Some people are uptight.

    So anywho, you don’t need any other disks. You can just run the installation for an upgrade, or if you want to do a clean install (which you said you did), you need to use the utilities on the install disc. If you launch the installer while in the OS, clicking the utilities button will tell you that to run the utilities, you have to restart into the disc, and offer you the option.

    Once you’re restarted in the SL disc, click Utilities on the menu bar and go to Disk Utility. Find the disk or partition you want to install on here and erase it. This actually doesn’t take long at all. Then just close Disk Utility and run the installation. It’s pretty easy, just make sure your data is backed up, cuz you’re erasing all of it!
  3. DOUGHNUT macrumors regular

    Jan 8, 2006
    the only problem is you won't have a copy of iLife either. I believe you can purchase the restore disks from Apple for a small price given you have the system's serial number. Just have to call Apple Tech Support for it.

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