Clean Lion install/recovery??

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    Ok, so I want to sell an old Macbook Pro now that I have a new Macbook. My old one is running the latest version of Lion, so I thought I could put into recovery mode and reinstall a clean version of the OS to wipe all my data, but it still kept all my programs and data when it reloaded. How can I reload a clean install of Lion essentially reformatting the HD? Do I need to format the main HD and then boot into Lion's recovery mode? I can't do the USB/DVD option, because I no longer have the install Lion app. I guess my last resort would be to reinstall Snow Leopard and then reinstall Lion.

    Never mind, figured it out:
    To do a Clean Install after you're installed Lion:

    1) Backup to Time Machine or Clone

    2) Boot into Recovery (Hold ⌘R on boot)

    3) Select Disk Utility

    4) Highlight your Macintosh HD

    5) Click Erase

    6) Quit Disk Utiltiy

    7) Select Reinstall OS X

    8) When prompted, transfer data from a Time Machine or other disk
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    it's always nice to find the answers to your questions yourself

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