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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by LFrascogna, Oct 26, 2003.

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    Jun 29, 2003
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    Other than the obvious (my files) what do I need to back up to move to the new panther system. I think it would be wasteful to move my entire home folder. Also, are there benefits to reinstalling from disc adobe, macromedia, and office programs or can i just back those up and drag into apps folder. Where are all of my serial numbers kept because some I don't have around anymore. Last, what comes in panther. I have a powerbook and it came with graphic converter and faxstuffx. Do I need to back these programs up or does panther have these.

    Lastly...Is a clean install worth it. I would really like to clean up a lot of ambient stuff that I just can't find, but will an upgrade install do this anyway?
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    May 15, 2003
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    I would probably copy the "Preferences" folder from your "Library" folder inside your Home folder. All your bookmarks and ect. are in there. Also there are some other folders in the Library folder that might have stuff, like calanders for iCal, ect. If you can, I'd just backup the whole Library folder to be safe.

    As for serial numbers, they aren't kept anywhere. What you can do is manually copy them down from the splash screen at the applications' startups. Also, from within the application, you can usually chose "About [application name]" from a menu, usally from the Application menu. This will usually give you the splash screen, so you have more time to copy the number.

    Graphic Converter does not come with Panther, however you can redownload it and enter your registration information if you have registered it. Or, just back it up. Panther has built in fax support, so you don't need 3rd party faxing programs.

    Lastly, the question about the clean install. I always prefer them, although many people here have done the upgrade and reported it worked smoothly. If it's not too much trouble, i.e. you have a drive to backup to, go ahead and do the clean install. Just keeps things nice and neat.

    P.S. This is the Hardware Forum, in the future, you probably want to put a question like this in the Panther or Software forum. ;)
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    Careful what you do, I did a clean install of Panther and dragged and dropped all my old preferences into Panther from Jaguar...


    ONE BIG MESS!!!!

    It simply messes up the entire system...

    It does not show at first but I promise you, on my G5, it screwed up everything...

    My apps, Unexpectedly quit way too often and there are so many other problems I cannot even start writing about...

    I found out, the pref. in Panther needs to be done BY PANTHER. Anything from an old system can cause problems... I don't think it is a problem like game apps and standalone apps. Like those that are not integrated with the system...

    But be careful, cause it will cause you a sea of small odd problems, the solution will take even longer to figure out where the problem is.. I am looking at a clean install again and start to do everything from the ground up...

    Check this out :

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