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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Bbafett, Feb 12, 2015.

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    can someone ear something up for me? I just installed a ssd in my MacBook Pro and moved the internal hdd to the optical drive. I put a clean OS X , applications, and documents on the ssd. I still have my internal hdd basically like it was before the ssd. My iTunes media and photos are still on hdd including the OS X. All of the application and OS X is also on there. Should I do something about cleaning this up to free up space? What steps would I need to take to clean this drive.

    I would expect a reformat to mas extended journal format. Then could I just move the iTunes and iPhoto's folders back on to the internal hdd? Then just have iTunes and iPhoto for the new library?
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    You have two options, manually dragging your files/folders to trash, or using the Disk Utility to either erase the drive completely or reformat it.

    You'll want to make sure anything you wish to keep is moved onto your SSD and/or a backup drive prior to this, as it will be gone forever if you fail to back it up.

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