Cleaning a PowerMac?


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Apr 11, 2005
Lichfield, UK

I'll shortly be switching platforms from PC to Mac and i'm considering a PowerMac. However, having come from the modding section of the PC community, i'm aware of how much dust and grime gets sucked in through the front intakes - even with a high-end case. Keeping on top of it can be difficult and it really undermines aesthetics.

I just wondered - is this a problem with the G5 PowerMacs? When I first looked at one in the shop, I couldn't see any filter inside the front facia, which surprised me. I'm sure the large fan cuts some of this problem out, due to the slower speed, but I imagine that it's still an issue.

Would anyone be so kind as to clarify this and also tell me how easy the PowerMacs are to clean internally?



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Feb 17, 2003
Well, I've had a dual 1.8 since last summer and I've cleaned it twice. I actually noticed cleaning the dust will make it slightly quieter.

This is what I've done:

1. remove the processor fan unit and the speaker unit (which is a bit harder because there are two wires)

2. remove the ram chips (possibly not necessary)

3. remove agp and pci cards

3. take a hoover and suck the dust out, I've also used a cloth. also, a pencil is good for cleaning the pci cards and ram if they are covered with dust. also make sure to clean the dust off the fans.

All in all, the PMG5 doesn't gather much dust eventhough it doesn't have a filter of any kind. Don't know why, maybe my apartment is clean enough, but I guess the machine basically just blows all the dust through the case with the air.


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Feb 1, 2005
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Don't take the plastic off the sides!

ok.. that isn't an option, but I still haven't on my G5 :eek:


Like any computer, keeping the case off the floor is a good start. Granted the G5 is elivated off the ground by design, dust is a touch less of an issue when it is away from feet kiking it up.

A good ole air can is good enough (so I am told) to keep the dust clear. You need to open the case (not hard on an apple) and remove any easy to remove components from it , and make sure to get the edges..

I personally take my computers outide onto the deck, or patio to do this. Make sure you ground yourself to prevent static damage to the components if at all possible.


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