Cleaning/disinfecting macbook keyboard?

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by pjny, Feb 1, 2016.

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    Apple states use lint-free cloth with a little water to clean most products. I would like to clean and disinfect my macbook 12", macbook 13, apple magic keyboard 2, ipad, iphone, and logitech mouse. What is the best way to disinfect these items without ruining them? Thanks.
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    Have you tried alcohol wipes or even screen cleaning wipes?
  3. iManic macrumors member

    Jan 31, 2016
    I usually use small individual display wipes to clean the daily dirt off the keyboard. For a full clean when I do the keyboard, screen and casing I use a Bausch & lomb electronic spray made for apple devices with a polishing microfiber towel. Works great and can be found on amazon
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    It doesn't specifically say disinfectant but it has a decent amount of alcohol in it which should kill most bacteria and you know its 100% safe for your devices. A lot of apple stores use the same formula
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    I use disinfectant wipes for my iPhone, MBP, tablet, etc. I clean every surface, and then wipe those devices down with damp towel. Then I use dry towel to remove any residue. Been doing that almost everyday for several years. No issues.

    However... retina screens on MB's and MBP's could have different coating that can harm the screen when disinfectant wipe is used. So use it with caution.

    Edit: I also use disinfectant wipes to clean Magic Trackpad and Apple wired numeric keyboard every once in a while. Again, no issues.

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