Cleaning Home folder on HDD and moving to boot SDD advice

Discussion in 'macOS' started by inscrewtable, Jan 4, 2013.

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    I recently installed a 512 SSD in a iMac with a 2TB SSD, at the moment the SSD is the boot drive with all the applications and other data *except my home folder* brought over with migration assistant.

    As per this OWC video I currently am pointing to my old home folder which resides on the HDD.

    The reasons I did this were that my home folder was 1TB in size due to all my music pictures and movies being on it. So far I've moved my entire managed Aperture library to the SSD.

    QUESTIONS: I am thinking that it would be better use of the SSD for all the tiny micromanagement issues to have my home folder on the SSD minus the files that definitely don't need to be, like music, movies etc. And I am wondering the best way to do this without any issues.

    What I was thinking of doing is simply first cleaning up the home folder currently on the HDD, by removing the big ticket items like the music and movies and then simply dragging the new lightweight home folder (150GB) to the SSD and then pointing to it's new location on the SSD.

    This seems to me like it should be fine but I'm worried about breaking things. The alternative is to remove the big ticket items from the home drive on my HDD and then reinstall the OS on the SSD and use migration assistant to move everything over including the applications, which are all on a cloned drive. This of course would take me many hours and I do not want to do this for no reason.

    So is plan A dragging the cleaned up home folder over to the SSD and pointing to its new location, going to work without any problems.

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    Bar far the largest files will be your iTunes Library files. Consider using an external for iTunes using something like the method shown in the article/video How to move an iTunes Library to an external drive. This should free up a lot of space in your move to an SSD.

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